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Car relocation is perhaps one of those times when a car needs to be treated like another human member of the family. And why not, if you have always your car with respect and like a true friend! For instance, if you and all the members of the family are preparing for the relocation from months ahead, why can not the car also get similar preparation schedule? Remember, your car has to go through much more drills before and during the long journey than any of you. Unless you take adequate precautions to prepare your car for the transition, you might land up with a defective car at the end of the journey, which will again cost you a packet to bring back the vehicle in road-worthy condition. To prepare it to face the highways, there are some preparatory tasks for you to do before it hits the roads. Here are some tips for the preparation of your vehicle for relocation:

Complete servicing and a thorough washing of the exteriors and interiors are necessary before moving. This cleaning will show up any previous dent or damage on the exterior surface which you could have ignored.

The interiors demand as much attention as the exteriors. All personal stuff lying in the car ought to be removed as they can damage or get damaged during transit. Also, it is illegal for car shipping companies to carry any personal belonging when transporting a vehicle, even if it is to the next town. Since this is a very major offence, the moving company might be heavily penalized for making this mistake.

Alarm systems, if any, must be disabled. Nothing should go off while the car is being shipped as it may unnecessarily create panic.

Make sure that the car has less than half tank filled with fuel. If the quantum of fuel is more than this, then you are adding extra weight to the car.

There are many accessories which need to be removed before the car is shipped. Fog lights removal, folding in of mirrors, retracting the antennae are some of the jobs to be done to prevent damage during transit. In short, all fittings which jut out of the car should be folded in or removed. This will prevent any dislodgment or breakage during the car’s journey.

Battery condition, fluid and tire pressures must be checked before shipment. Make sure that the car is in fully running condition when it is loaded on to the truck, as many moving companies charge extra to unload a non-functional vehicle.

It would be ethical on your part if you notice any seepage or oil leakage while you are preparing your car for shipping, as the leakage will not only spoil your car but cause similar damage to other cars traveling in the same truck as yours.

Nearly all truck drivers carry their own mobile phones. It is a wise idea to jot down his phone number, so that you could intermittent follow ups while the car is on the road.

Like the points given above, there could many ideas which crop up in your mind to prepare the car for the journey ahead. Remember, the more care you take the more you are assuring yourself of its safe arrival at the destination city. In case you are in doubt, it is always good to ask the experts. As the auto moving company representative if there is anything else you need to do to prepare your car before moving. Since they are experienced and doing this job everyday, they would be in a better position to suggest more precautionary measures for the vehicle. is a free service designed to help you through your moving process. only conducts business with professional pre-screened Movers. will contact you with competitive detailed price quotes for your . Once your request is submitted our experts will match it with movers in Your area that meet your budget and needs.

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